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Using the Services of Help for Troubled Teen

Many parents feel out of options by the time they get to this page. One of the most important things to know is that you are not alone in this process. We are here to help. You can start by being proactive and following the steps outlined below. We look forward to assisting and helping you become an educated parent and an informed parent during this decision making process. Be prepared to do some homework and research on your own. Don’t be in denial. We are here to assist you in being proactive so that your child, teen or young adult can get the appropriate and best help.

Finding the best program or school for your child, teen or young adult is one of the most important steps a parent can take. Remember, don’t get drawn into high pressure salespeople or telemarketers. This is your child’s life and it is not for sale.

1. FIRST Please make sure you have read the entire site and understand the services offered for this reduced rate. Then, lease fill out a confidential in-depth and detailed client profile on your child, teen or young adult by CLICKING HERE.(*)

Please remember your user name and password as we do not have access to retrieve that information for you. Allow 30 to 45 minutes for completion. Details are very important.

This is completed online, is HIPPA Compliant, and all information is kept strictly confidential. Once submitted this will reach our professional team for review.

(*) Horizon Family Solutions is sponsoring the use of the client profile at this time.

2. After receiving the profile, a team member will then contact you to set up a brief 15 to 30 minute call to make sure information has been completed and submitted in a way that meets our needs to serve you.

Please make sure you let your Team Member know should you wish a Skype session rather than a phone session. In order to make the best and most appropriate recommendations we ask that you not withhold any information that would affect the outcome of the best options available to your child, teen or young adult.

These calls will be no longer than 30 minutes. Please make sure you read this site in its entirety to answer all of your questions so that this brief call may focus on the information provided regarding your child, adolescent, teen or young adult. At the end of the call, we will confirm your desire to proceed with services and will email you a brief agreement to be signed and returned. It normally takes 5 to 7 business days to provide you with the detailed information you are requesting. Should you have a crisis situation, or need information in a shorter time frame, please let us know so we can guarantee your information will be delivered in a timely manner.

3. At this time you may engage in the services provided by using the secure Pay Pal Link below on this page.

All services are a Flat All Inclusive rate of $1,799.00 for one area of service – addiction treatment center / eating disorder center / residential treatment center / speciality psychiatric behavioral hospital / therapeutic boarding school / wilderness program / young adult transitional living program, etc.

At such time you should need a secondary placement, a new service agreement will be put into place. At that time we will ask you to re-enter into the student profile and update the information from the first placement so we are working with the current and new information. Therefore, please remember your user name and password as we do not have access to the confidential information.

You will be able to retrieve that through BestNotes should that be needed.

4. Once the service agreement and payment is received, a team member will then contact you to set up a more in-depth review call to go over all information again in more detail in order to make the best and most appropriate recommendations.

Again, we will be confirming with you that all information needed has been submitted so that we may make the best and most appropriate recommendations. These calls will be no longer than 45 to 60 minutes. Therefore it is is very important you be as detailed as possible with the profile so we have all information needed.

5. Based on your time frame, a minimum of 3 and up to seven (7) recommendations will be provided and they will include the following:

Program / School Name
Age Range of Students Accepted
City, State of Location
Contact Information
Gender of Students Accepted
Last Known Current Tuition
Program Type
Approximate Duration of Program Stay

Academy Example Program
13 to 18
Example, Oregon
000-000-0000 / Email address of admissions person
Girls Only
$7,900 per month
Therapeutic Boarding School
12 to 18 months

6. Included with your recommendations will be a list of questions to use when interviewing a program / school that will help in your determination as to which program seems the best fit for your child, teen or young adult.

When you need a recommendation for transport services, please let us know and we will be happy to provide you with those recommendations as well. These are companies in which we have had years of first hand experience in using with our clients.

Please be aware that when a specialized situation is needed, there may be only 3 or 4 programs available for recommendations rather than a larger amount. This is due to specialization in certain areas.

We only recommend the best programs/ schools that have completed an on-site evaluation an have been thoroughly toured.

7. We would appreciate you mentioning Help For Troubled Teen as the recommendation referral resource for the programs your are calling.

We wish to maintain a good professional relationship with all programs and schools on our recommendation lists. Should you choose to let us know which program or school you choose, and your outcome, we always appreciate knowing of your experiences first hand.

8. During your placement should you need additional support from us in asking questions on your behalf to the program, help in creating a treatment plan alongside the program, case management, engagement with program staff over concerns you may have, family support, etc., you may engage in our assistance on an hourly basis. Our hourly rate is $99 per hour for professional team member support or $199 per hour for the support of Dr. Dore E. Frances, PhD.

This support is paid in advance with the PayPal link buttons below.

We ask that you call in advance to making a payment so we may assure you of our available time to meet your specific needs.

At such time that you feel full educational/therapeutic services would be beneficial, you may visit for more information. Your paid amount will be credited toward the full services of your choosing.

$1,799.00 Full Service Assistance 

Dore Frances, PhD After Placement Assistance – $199.00

After Placement Assistance

Team Member After Placement Assistance – $99.00

Team Member After Placement Assistance