strives to maintain correct information on all program and school recommendations.

Programs and schools themselves are always under continual changes, development and growth. We make every effort to keep all recommendations current and are always open to investigating information brought to our attention.

Due to the abundant and vast information that is gathered on every different type of program and school recommended, is NOT RESPONSIBLE for any changed information on any program or schools website. In some cases staff changes are not posted immediately and we are not responsible for this or any other changes that may occur within the scope of a business not run by does not assume any legal liability for the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any information, product, or process shown on any program or school website. It is the RESPONSIBILITY OF THE USER to verify all information when making admission calls on their family members behalf.

Help For Troubled Teen recommends adolescent services and young adult services, including parent coaches, programs, schools, therapists, treatment alternatives, and transport services.

Horizon Family Solutions, the parent company of HFTT does not control, manage, own, nor direct any companies or individuals that provide these services.

Horizon Family Solutions  does not assume any liability or responsibility, implied or otherwise for said services.

All liability or responsibility for any recommended services is assumed entirely by the service provider, as outlined in their individual admissions and enrollment agreements with the legal guardians, parent/sponsors.