From the Founder

Two years ago something happened in my business life. I was receiving calls from families that were facing significant financial challenges and needed help for their child.

While searching for the right type of help, they spoke with other families in similar situations.

I noticed that many of them would greatly benefit from professional educational consulting guidance, however, they faced financial obstacles in getting the help they needed. They felt that the current educational consulting solutions were too expensive and therefore inaccessible to their family.

This made me think:

We use the Internet to learn better, shop better, and work better; isn’t it time we start using the Internet to provide less expensive educational consulting services / reduced rate / reduced services / with the continuation of  the highest quality of professionalism and information to families who need better than just picking a program on their own off the Internet, and hoping for the best?

With that vision in mind, HelpForTroubledTeen was officially launched in the summer of 2016, after working with some families to make sure this was a beneficial service.

Doré E. Frances, PhD

We provide anyone facing challenges with their child, adolescent or young adult, with affordable, easy, and discreet access to professional educational consulting services. I believe that affordable help is deserved.

By leveraging new technologies to adapt traditional educational consulting into the lifestyle and expectations of today’s families, our clients receive professional educational consulting services using their computer, tablet or mobile phone – anytime they need and anywhere they are. We can now provide this service at a reduced rate for families who are able to take on the multiple admissions calls and screening process all on their own.

We are fortunate and honored to be touching the lives of families in need. I am also proud to be working with an amazing team who is assisting in turning this vision into a reality by applying their experience, knowledge and skills.

For me, the most rewarding part of this vision is the phenomenal feedback we receive every day.

Families have already came forward to express how HelpForTroubledTeen has made a huge change in their lives. I can’t be grateful enough to anyone who took the time and courage to share their story. These truly inspiring stories are driving our passion and reinforcing our commitment to keep making HelpForTroubledTeen even better.

Many people on our team, including myself, have been involved in the creation and growth of working with families in crisis. Still, we all agree that nothing in our experience comes close to this chance we have in making a difference in peoples’ lives and helping them reach a healthier and happier state of mind as they venture into this step of assisting their child or teen. We are honored and humbled by this opportunity.

Our team keeps growing with devoted and talented professionals who strive to make the service possible at an affordable and reduce rate cost. We are able to provide live Skype sessions between you and your Team Member should that be a request. Our normal business hours are Monday – Friday – 8:30am – 5pm MST.

We’re excited to see that it’s already making such a great impact. However, we are still just at the very beginning of this long journey.

I invite you to join our mission – as a parent coach, team member or as someone who may use some help with your family situation for placement decisions.

Thank you for your interest in HelpForTroubledTeen.

When you’d like to get in touch, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we’d love to hear from you!

Doré E. Frances, PhD