Parents often wonder where to get help for their child, teen or young adult.

One of the most difficult decisions a family will ever make is placing their child, adolescent or young adult into a program or school, away from home. This decision may become necessary after a family has attempted utilizing all local resources – and changes have not occurred.

Help for Troubled Teen has designed a specialized service to support families who need to intervene with a troubled child, teen, or young adult, and we have only the best programs and schools that have been visited and evaluated in order to ensure you are receiving specific recommendations for your unique family situation. Our intention is that every child, adolescent or young adult achieves their maximum potential and is emotionally prepared to meet life’s challenges.

These adolescent and young adult programs and schools are currently and have been a part of the full recommendation services offered by Horizon Family Solutions for over the past 20 years.

Our team is headed by Dr. Doré E. Frances, a nationally recognized educational / therapeutic consultant, speaker, trainer and workshop leader. She has been providing consultation for children, teens, young adults and their families for 20 years.

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