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Assisting and Educating Families on Options For At Risk Children, Adolescents, Teens and Young Adults

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Parents often wonder where to get help for their child, teen or young adult.

One of the most difficult decisions a family will ever make is placing their child, adolescent or young adult into a program or school, away from home.

This decision may become necessary after a family has attempted utilizing all local resources – and changes have not occurred.

Horizon Family Solutions has a team that assists families all across the United States with their children, teens and young adults in finding the best recommended programs and schools based on their specific and unique needs.

This may include residential, residential college support, therapeutic treatment centers, and wilderness programs.

There are several aspects of this service which provide families a degree of Educational Consulting / Therapeutic Consulting expertise that is quite unique.

All programs and schools that are recommended have been evaluated by a professional advocate / educational / therapeutic consultant, have been found to be family friendly, are accredited academically (*), and have had personal on site visits.

Our intention is that every child, adolescent or young adult achieves their maximum potential and is emotionally prepared to meet life’s challenges.

These programs and schools are currently and have been a part of the full recommendation services offered by Horizon Family Solutions, LLC  for over the past 20 years.

Our team is headed by Dr. Doré E. Frances, a nationally recognized educational / therapeutic consultant, speaker, trainer and workshop leader.

She has been providing consultation for children, teens, young adults and their families for 20 years.

Please reach out to Dr. Frances by calling the office at 303-448-8803.

We Are Bringing Families Back Together

Have you seriously just reached the end of the road with your child, teen or young adult?  It is our goal to provide comprehensive and professional services so that all families may benefit from the expertise offered rather than risk emotional and financial loss by just choosing something for their child off the vast Internet choices. 

When your child, teenager or young adult is displaying, challenged or struggling with academic failure, ADD / ADHD, addiction behaviors, adoption / attachment / reactive attachment, anxiety, Asperger / Autism / spectrum disorder, Bipolar, Borderline personality disorder, bullying, anger / rage / violence, defiance and/or disrespectfulness, depression, drug abuse, eating disorder, entitlement issues, failure to launch, Internet addiction, lack of motivation and/or underachieving, mood disorders, OCD, ODD, parent-child relational problems, psychological disorders, running away, teen sexually inappropriate behaviors, social disorders, teen pregnancy, or gay /lesbian /bisexual /transgender challenges, then special programs / schools are available for help in providing the best treatment.

We have program and school recommendations available all across the United States.

For assistance please visit Horizon Family Solutions and learn more about how we may assist. 

(*) Some young adult transition programs do not offer on site accredited academics

Questions? Please call 303.448.8803

Why Use the Services of Horizon Family Solutions?

Good kids do make bad choices at times. Smart teens and young adults sometimes do not work up to their potential for various reasons.

When you are caught up in a crisis situation or having difficulties with your child or young adult, that takes all your attention, it is hard to see everything objectively and make the best significant decisions.

You need to come up with well supported individualized and unique options for your child, teen, or young adult.

As your readily available team, we do what you do not have time to do.

We travel on a regular basis in order to thoroughly evaluate and research many different types of program and school options for children, teens and young adults. We have current available first hand knowledge. Additionally, our affiliations with professional organizations allow us access to nationwide networks of collective knowledge and ongoing trainings.

Important Parent Information

We do not accept nor solicit any compensation, commission or fees from any agency, camp, program, school, or institution.