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Assisting and Educating Families on Options For At Risk Children, Adolescents, Teens and Young Adults

Parents often wonder where to get help for their child, teen or young adult.

One of the most difficult decisions a family will ever make is placing their child, adolescent or young adult into a program or school, away from home. This decision may become necessary after a family has attempted utilizing all local resources – and changes have not occurred.

Help for Troubled Teen has a team that assists families all across the United States with their children, teens and young adults in finding the best recommended programs and schools based on their specific and unique needs.

This may include residential, residential college support and wilderness programs.

There are several aspects of this service which provide families a degree of Educational Consulting / Therapeutic Consulting expertise that is quite unique. Our team specializes in our approach to offering streamlined Educational Consulting services.

All programs and schools that are recommended have been evaluated by a professional advocate / educational / therapeutic consultant, have been found to be family friendly, are accredited academically (*), and have had personal on site visits.

Help for Troubled Teen has designed a specialized service to support families who need to intervene with a troubled child, teen, or young adult, and we have only the best programs and schools that have been visited and evaluated in order to ensure you are receiving specific recommendations for your unique family situation. Our intention is that every child, adolescent or young adult achieves their maximum potential and is emotionally prepared to meet life’s challenges. These programs and schools are currently and have been a part of the full recommendation services offered by Horizon Family Solutions, LLC  for over the past 20 years.

Our team is headed by Dr. Doré E. Frances, a nationally recognized educational / therapeutic consultant, speaker, trainer and workshop leader.

She has been providing consultation for children, teens, young adults and their families for 20 years.

We Are Bringing Families Back Together

Have you seriously just reached the end of the road with your child, teen or young adult?  It is our goal to provide comprehensive and professional services at a reduced cost so that all families may benefit from the expertise offered rather than risk emotional and financial loss by just choosing something for their child off the vast Internet choices. 

When your child, teenager or young adult is displaying, challenged or struggling with academic failure, ADD / ADHD, adoption / attachment / reactive attachment, anxiety, Asperger / Autism / spectrum disorder, bullying, anger / rage / violence, defiance and/or disrespectfulness, entitlement issues, failure to launch, lack of motivation and/or underachieving, , parent-child relational problems, or running away, then special programs / schools are available for help in providing the best options.

We have program and school recommendations available all across the United States.

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(*) Some young adult transition programs do not offer on site accredited academics

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Why Use the Services of Help For Troubled Teen?

Good kids do make bad choices at times. Smart teens and young adults sometimes do not work up to their potential for various reasons.

When you are caught up in a crisis situation or having difficulties with your child or young adult, that takes all your attention, it is hard to see everything objectively and make the best significant decisions.

You need to come up with well supported individualized and unique options for your child, teen, or young adult.

As your readily available team, we do what you do not have time to do.

We travel on a regular basis in order to thoroughly evaluate and research many different types of program and school options for children, teens and young adults. We have current available first hand knowledge. Additionally, our affiliations with professional organizations allow us access to nationwide networks of collective knowledge and ongoing trainings.

We do not accept nor solicit any compensation, commission or fees from any agency, camp, program, school, or institution.

What Parents Say About HelpForTroubledTeen Services

“We are always thankful for the recommendations of HelpForTroubledTeen. This process gained our respect and trust, and our family was able to be guided towards a path that felt knowledgeable and safe. This was a positive experience and supported our family for what was right for us. We did not want to feel pressured in making a decision.

HelpForTroubledTeen truly facilitated meeting our individual needs and offered invaluable resources gained through their vast experience and insight. This was incredibly helpful in keeping the process going at a pace we needed.”

Kathy and Mike Collins, Parents of Son 18, Nebraska
“Navigating the world of alternative programs for my troubled teen was overwhelming. HelpForTroubledTeen helped me make a good decision based on the extensive knowledge of available programs. HelpForTroubledTeen went out of their way to support me with questions to ask when interviewing programs. My son graduated his program this week!”
Dan Damond, Father, Son 15, California
“HelpForTroubledTeen had the ability to match my child with the most appropriate program recommendations. That was key to helping me, knowing my son was in a nurturing and safe environment. HelpForTroubledTeen was truly a beneficial and unique experience and service.”
Angie Ziebell, Mother, Son 14, Idaho
“I have had the privilege of finding HelpForTroubledTeen online and working with them regarding my son’s placement in a college prep boarding school. HelpForTroubledTeen has demonstrated a thorough knowledge of schools and great insight as to which schools would best suit my son. I commend HelpForTroubledTeen also for their extraordinary communication skills both with myself and my son during the consulting phone call. It was truly inspiring.”
Heidi Garwood, Mother, Son 17, Florida
“Doré E. Frances, PhD., is an Educational Consultant that has specialized in placing students into boarding schools, clinical centers, and specialized therapeutic programs for almost 20 years. She personally visits boarding schools and treatment programs all over the world to evaluate and help match the needs of the parent and child with a suitable placement. Finding the right school for our son was her passion. It ended up being the correct choice and has enriched our child’s life. The services of HelpForTroubledTeen greatly impacted our sons future in a very good way.

HelpForTroubledTeen is surprisingly affordable when you consider all the services you get from a professional educational consultant who will provide you the very best choices when needing to make such an important decision.”

Greg and Kristen Jorgensen, Parents, Son, 15, Florida
“I want to thank Dore’ Frances, PhD and HelpForTroubledTeen for all of your assistance and work on behalf of my son.

Indeed, you know your stuff when it comes to all the choices available to parents. Thank you very much!”

Tara McCollum, Mother, Son, 16, Washington
“Edward and I both really appreciate the input Dore Frances, PhD and HelpForTroubledTeen provided. We are both thoroughly pleased and satisfied with this service. You made a wonderful difference in our son’s life ”
Edward & Terri Allen, Parents, Son, 24, Alabama
“Dore E. Frances, PhD and HelpForTroubledTeen made a wonderful difference in our lives over the past year. We were very reassured by the fact that all of the programs recommend had been visited and evaluated prior to you ever recommending them to families. Rifling through pages of notes from being on the Internet ourselves was exhausting, overwhelming and very time coming, and we still never felt like we were on the right track. Your recommendations were way above and beyond what we could have hoped for in this process. Well worth the inexpensive cost compared to all the hours and days we wasted before using the services of HelpForTroubledTeen.”
David and Pamela Allon, Parents, Son, 23, Connecticut
“Doré E. Frances, PhD paid careful attention to our particular needs and with the services of HelpForTroubedTeen we found exactly the right place for our troubled adult daughter. Peace at last with knowing she is off the streets. Having the assistance of HelpForTroubledTeen meant we did not feel alone. We spent weeks on the Internet ourselves. That was an awful experience. This service is reasonably priced and amazingly fast.”
Patti and William Baker, Parents, Daughter, 25, Illinois
“Doré E. Frances, PhD and HelpForTroubledTeen helped us to hope again and see positive possibilities for our daughter’s future as a young adult.”
Marisa Garrett, Mother, Lauren, 25, Oregon
“Our experience with HelpForTroubledTeen could not have been more successful or enjoyable. Starting with the first day we found them online, we felt as though we were in the hands of professionals. The application process showed us the detail of what was to come. It was an engaging experience that left us feeling that the lower cost financial investment did not take away from the high cost of the service we received. We could not afford more, as most of our money was going toward a young adult program for our daughter. Dr. Dore Frances, PhD helped us see what our daughter needed and we are ecstatic about the end result.”
Darryl and Diane Battig, Parents, Daughter, 25, Washington
“HelpForTroubledTeen offers a unique and exceptional experience and service. We could not have come up with the options they found for us on our own. They went above and beyond in the service they delivered. We found the exact right wilderness program with the best ever therapist and an RTC with the exact type of therapy we needed for our daughter. The benefits we received were well worth using this service – twice – for both placements.”
Karen & Robert Fragale, Parents, Daughter, 17, Delaware